Must Know Myths and Facts about IP Surveillance CCTV Camera

cctv cameraSafety and security should be everyone’s priority. If you’re having trouble in selecting which CCTV camera is the best for you, maybe you should consider knowing the facts and myths about it.

Learn the facts, resolutions of the images, cost, and most importantly to understand the differences between IP (also known as wireless camera) and analog.

Make sure that when you purchase a security system, it should be right one to your needs to ensure the safety in your facility. We’ll guide you the facts and the myths that you should know about that will enable you to feel secure, take control and view the accurate images from the comfort of your home, office and business.

How does IP CCTV cameras work?

IP CCTV camera works using an Internet. You can control the camera (pan, tilt and zoom) using your laptop, smartphone and even on your tablet. Simply connect your gadgets and your IP camera in one Internet connection (router, modem, www). Below is the illustration of IP surveillance system network:

ip surveillance system network

Who needs remote access CCTV cameras?

Apart from personal and home monitoring applications, here are the following entities that need and should use this advance technology:

institutions facilities management

Education. schools and universities should use the surveillance and place them on the corridor, playground, entrance and exit, and other areas too.

Banking. banks and their ATM should be monitored as well to keep the security of their account holders and their money.

Transportation. CCTV cameras are also good for airport, bus stations, train station, and others.

Government. it’s highly advisable for all government sectors to maintain the access control system of all the employees and other people dealing with each department.

Production industry. manufacturing, stock controls, logistics, and others should be well monitored to secure its products and laborers.

Retail. malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other retail outlets need this to ensure the inventory won’t go on someone’s hand in the wrong way.


Facts you should know about CCTV cameras:

 Price. Its costs range between AED367-5,800.

Resolutions. It can be 300TVL, 600TVL and 1080p HD.

Types. There are four types of remote access security surveillance; Indoor, Outdoor, Pan Tilt Zoom, and License Plate.


Pros and Cons

 pros cons of cctv cameraWhen buying an analog camera you can buy it for cheap and easy to install but it’s not HD (High Definition) and no internal microphone.

On the other hand, having an HD SDI or HD CCTV, HD Analog. They are high definition, easy to install but no internal microphone and it may costs you a bit higher than the analog.

Lastly, IP or Wireless CCTV. It has ultra-high resolution, can be connected to Wi-Fi, with built-in microphone, and protocol support. With all those pros, it also has two resolvable cons; installation is complex and configuration is required. However, if you will hire a professional to do it for you, then it would be a breeze.


5 Myths on Surveillance CCTV Camera

myth facts surveillance system

  1. Network cameras cost more than analog. It’s a false because this depends on the accessories, materials, and quality.
  2. IP surveillance is unproven. A second false, IP CCTV cameras are widely used in so many types of facilities for video and feed surveillance.  
  3. Transferring video will overload my network. This is absolutely invalid; it’s completely dependent on storage space or the providers.
  4. IP transmission is not secure. Another false statement, these services come with authentication and authorisation filters and privacy protection.
  5. IP surveillance system is not reliable. This really depends on your Internet connection. So, if you have secured high-speed Internet connection then you rest assure that it will work great too.