Why is Facilities Management Important?

facilities managementIt’s been quiet a while since we started hearing about global warming, carbon footprint and environmental changes from all over the world. Now, how facilities management related to all of these environmental issues?

Global warming or sudden change of our climate is mainly caused by emission of greenhouse gases. 72% of greenhouse gases are mainly from the carbon dioxide. Thus, carbon dioxide is the no.1 element that destroys our environment.

Where is carbon dioxide mainly coming from? Co2 emission is caused by industrialization; burning of fuels, natural gas, oil, organic-diesel, ethanol, commercial activities and others, which can be found from different facilities (factories, warehouse, commercial buildings, residential houses, etc.) and vehicles.

The major effects of carbon dioxide emission are sea level rise, impacts on agricultural production, reduction of the ozone layer, increased extreme weather or eco-system change.These effects can be alleviated even in small reduction of household emissions, how much more if all buildings will have proper facilities management?

Facilities management agencies play a big role to solve the issue of sustainability and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Here in the UAE, EWS-WWF has Heroes of the UAE program, which is a national campaign focusing on the energy and water conservation from all sectors. Facilities maintenance sectors are mainly but not limited to; landscaping, plumbing, electrician, interior and fishing, security and safety.

Companies with right planning, maintaining and evaluating the carbon footprint targets can make a difference to our community and our future generation. Thus, consulting a professional and well-established Facilities Management Company to plan, maintain, and evaluate your organisation’s carbon footprint is important not only to reduce operational expense but also helps our environment from global warming and create an eco-friendly community that is liveable for everyone.

Having facilities management and maintenance staff, will ensure the building’s temperature, safety & security, cleanliness so people can focus in their daily working activities.

In general, if all buildings in UAE and all over the world have effective facilities management, then it will have positive effects in our environment and future generation.